How we work

A typical process

Whether you need an initial assessment, a market search or assistance throughout the process we are able to assist you.

Our transparent pricing structure makes it possible for you to choose the scope and detail level that is relevant. Transparent means, that we settle the most beneficial pricing structure during the initial assessment to make sure that it fits your needs and expectations.

We do not believe in a traditional broker fee structure – As we think it prevents an objective evaluation of client options.



Having a pharmaceutical production site for sale? Or are you looking for opportunities to increase capacity?

Meeting a buyer or a seller in the right setting can often be difficult and time consuming.

We at PHARMABROKER have made it our core competence to know the markets in order to be able to assist our clients making the right decisions by having the most transparent level of information and opportunities.



A client case

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We were approached by a larger pharmaceutical company who wanted have an overview of existing production sites for sale, as an alternative to making a greenfield investment.

Scope, production requirements, volumes, processes, geographical location was set together with the client.


A search was initiated and a list of targets was identified and evaluated. A preferred target was selected.

Initial contact was established on behalf of the client and an on-site assessment was conducted.

The client finalized negotiations and acquired the site.


From initial contact from the client to the finalization of the initial on-site assessment was one 1½ month.