There will always be a need for Pharmaceuticals companies to align or level out production capacity. Increasing competition, more complex requirements, cost awareness or yet other reasons can lead to strategic decisions to increase, decrease or geographically move production capacity to meet future requirements.

When engaging on a journey to optimize capacity, it is seldom transparent which relevant opportunities there are to pursue. During recent years, we have experienced an increasing interest for investing in already operational plants or using CMO capacity to handle peak capacity.

During the same period, we have experienced an increasing number of production facilities for sale. Hands-on experience from a number of different projects during recent years have revealed a market with limited transparency for sellers to meet buyers and vice versa.

A market, where it has been difficult for key players to – at one place - obtain relevant information of possible opportunities to balance supply and demand.

Hence, we at PHARMABROKER, believe that we can add significant value by assisting both local and global buyers, sellers and planners in creating an overview of relevant opportunities. Each project is handled in confidence giving us the possibility of acting on behalf of many of our clients.


Contacting us

Having a pharmaceutical production site for sale? Or are you looking for opportunities to increase capacity?

Meeting a buyer or a seller in the right setting can often be difficult and time consuming.

We at PHARMABROKER have made it our core competence to know the markets in order to be able to assist our clients making the right decisions by having the most transparent level of information and opportunities.

About Pharmabroker

PHARMABROKER is a spin-off of emendo A/S a Danish based management consultancy company – but with a global reach. The pharmaceutical industry is in the dna of emendo A/S. Key knowledge areas range from R&D, construction, operation and optimisation of pharmaceutical manufacturing and support function processes.

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Extensive experience within the Pharmaceutical sector, deep knowledge about production planning, investments, production processes and an extensive network within the industry makes PHARMABROKER a preferred hands-on partner in…

  • Finding relevant production facilities for sale
  • Finding buyers for idle production facilities or supply
  • Assisting in finding additional production capacity with using CMO’s

During previous transactions we can see, that we can make a difference in creating the most transparent overview of possibilities in order for you the make the right strategically important decisions.

Contact US



Casper Grenaa

+45 51 95 18 46

Casper has been working in the pharmaceutical industry almost throughout his entire career. From development of production strategies, acquisitions of production plants, financial evaluations to project management and implementations. Casper has a deep knowledge pharmaceutical processes, requirements and strategic production.



+45 30 30 39 65

Peter has a deep knowledge of technical processes, assessment of production capabilities, readiness assessment of any type of pharmaceutical production facility; From API to filling, laboratories, pilots plants and office conference buildings. Peter’s extensive experience in building and rebuilding production facilities enables him to evaluate capabilities and options.



+45 40 41 95 31

Finn has an extensive experience from various positions within the Pharmaceutical industry.  A global network and experience of assessing production sites and processes globally has provided Finn with an ability to quickly and with high precision to understand and evaluate possibilities with existing production sites.